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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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MOGWAI, Every Country's Sun   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Wednesday, 25 October 2017

It can't be a return to form, if they never 'lose' form.

Fiercely prolific, Every Country's Sun is yet another Mogwai album : in some respects, I don't even know where to review it – or how. If you like the other Mogwai albums, this is just as good as any of those. If you like teeming, pulsing, instrumental math-rock, built on atmosphere and riffs, you'll like this. With barely any vocals, their songs shimmer like the long fade out of the sun on a summers day. There's an elegance anda beauty in there ; and “Coolverine” is a name for a song that doesn't officially, mean anything, but it doesn't need to mean anything – does it? A name is just a 'tag' to identify an object – a way of differentiation from others : and therefore, also a degree of seperation.

It's difficult to hang this on anything as straightforward as a 'song'. Mogwai have them, of sort ; they have movements, codas, they have motifs, and effect are a rock band playing a set of instrumental themes and imaginary soundtracks to films that will never be made that exist only in your mind. The album is another, generally superior, Mogwai album that captures the ability to look inward and self-explore with a soundtrack. Other acts try and fail to achieve this sense of self, this assured, confident fluency where it appears there is no gap between the player and the instruments, and – on the grounds of what I saw at Primavera – their new configuration seems invigorated and hungry again. A new dawn and another solid experience of evocative, post-rock glory.


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