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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Written by Mark Reed  
Monday, 10 May 2004

I Wish I was wrong, when I opposed the war. But i wasn't. It was Tony Blair and George Bush that were wrong. And nothing can put it right.


For once in my life I have so desperately wanted to be wrong. I wanted them to be right. I wanted Saddam toppled, I wanted the war to be over, I wanted the world to be perfect. I wanted the troops in and out, the war to be quick and easy, and over soon.

But I was right. I opposed the war then. I opposed it long before then, I oppose it now, and I will oppose the war against Iraq for the rest of my life. Not because I am a peacenik, or an appeaser. After all, how can anyone who opposes war be an appeaser? It is those who want war who are appeasers. They appease aggression and refuse to resist.

The War Is Lost in Iraq. America will never win : even if it controls the country by force, it will always be an invader. It may win the land, but never the people. This is Bush's Vietnam : an unwinnable war where the only victors are the corporations. Everybody loses in a war. The US government sinks billions of dollars into a lump of sand and oil, and over 11,000 people die, so we can have cheap oil.

I wish I was wrong. I really wish that America had been right : I wish that the war was moral, right, and justified. I wish that Britain, which had been dragged kicking and screaming by it's (mis)leader Tony Blair into a conflict it did not want, was right too. I almost wish they had found WMD's. I wish that Saddam had actually had WMD's to declare to them, so that a war could've been averted, instead of Blair and Bush invading a country to find something that wasn't there. Instead Blair and Bush, and by extension, America and Britain have been proven globally, humiliatingly wrong on every count.


Bush and Blair went into Iraq to liberate and to free. That's what they told us. Instead they tortured, they murdered, they pillaged and destroyed. If Milosevic stands trial for war crimes, so too must Bush and Blair. They must stand trial in Texas : and face the lethal injection that Bush so easily dispenses for far lesser crimes.

If Bush and Blair are re-elected Britain and America will become targets in excelsis. Our nations will be seen to have supported murder, torture, rape, and deception. America and Britain will become the terrorists of the world. And the premier targets. The Big Demon. The Liar that twists and perverts the word of God to rule and ruin. Our Nations will become architects of Armageddon.

Bush is, and will probably remain the most hated man in the world : Blair a close second. Hated by more people, and with more fervour than anyone else on the planet. And that means their countries will become targets. Our homes may become battlegrounds.


In all likelihood, if I die before I hit old age, it will not be a Big Mac Heart Attack, or a junkie immigrant mugger high of crack pipes and yellow bentines. If I die before I hit old age, I forsee a far more insidious death. I will become a statistic, and the fact that I oppose the war with every inch of my soul will be irrelevant. I will be just another name ina list of hundreds, thousands dead. Caused by a detonating suitcase abandoned on a station, by flakes of invisible radiation from a ‘Dirty Bomb' detonated by some anonymous terrorist (be it Al-Qaeda or MI6) in central London, in the pointless, random end to a life that could've been beautiful.

It will matter not how much we resisted and protested. All that matters is that our (mis)Leaders will be liars and warmongers. State terrorists. We will fall, randomly and meaninglessly, in the same way that over 10,000 Iraqi's and 1,000 Soldiers have died since the 20th March 2003. One way to make our homelands safer, Bush and Blair, is not to start wars, and not behave as if we were bankrobbers and the rest of the world were the vaults being ransacked.

And I wish I was wrong. I really wish that they had found WMD's. I wish that we had been welcomed with open arms. I wish that our soldiers were not torturers, murders, rapists and immoral scum that set packs of dogs on naked men. I wish it was over. I wish I was wrong, but I'm not. It is our countries that are wrong. They have done the wrong things, lied to the world, and know not that whilst acting as instruments of a religion they blindly follow, that they have been misled and that they mislead. That in proclaiming to follow the path of their God, they have become servants of the Devil.

I am ashamed to be British.


But Tony Blair and George Bush are running out of time : as the Western World as a whole probably is. Tony Blair said that he will be judged by his maker. In politics Tony, the people make you. We will judge you, as we do already, and as we have done every day since you and Bush dragged the world into an avoidable conflict of apocalyptic proportions.

I wish I was wrong, but it is not me that is wrong, but our leaders, and our country. Do the right thing. For Gods sake, for all our sakes, stop this war, beg for forgiveness, and maybe we will have a future. I don't want to be a statistic in a terrorist attack upon London in the next few years. Resign now, whilst you still have the chance.


Written by Guest on 2004-09-25 17:26:10 looks like it :?
Written by Guest on 2005-06-17 18:56:39
yep, let me rip myself off!
Written by Guest on 2005-06-17 18:56:54
yep, let me rip myself off!

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