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The Final Word | Monday, 22 January 2018
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THE WONDER STUFF - You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight EP   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Sunday, 29 August 2004

Their first new single in ten years.... and you better get ready for a disappointment.

This is not the sound of doors been blasted open. This is not the sound of ten years of hunger. This is not the sound of The Wonder Stuff kicking against the pricks, giving us their best song of The Past Ten Years.  

This is just another song, and it's not even the best single Miles has made since the demise of Vent. "Everything Is Not OK", the straight in at no.144 hit off the Miles Hunt Club album, is frankly a better song. 

"You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight" then is hardly a dramatic declaration of intent. It's the sound of the band peeping through the door, knocking tentatively, anyone home? They should be Playing The Twist instead. Sure, the old tartan suit and the big chunky pop songs have been put away, but that doesn't mean that this has to be the next move?  

Demos of unreleased songs are much better - ("Playing The Twist" ,is an absolute classic, for example). The b-sides are much better. Raw, vital takes upon Damien Dempsey's fabulous The Apple Of My Eye, and Wreckless Eric's punk classic Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart.  They're worth the price of admission alone. 

It's not a great advertisement for the new album : it's a little bland - and should fit in perfectly with our current, anodyne culture. But sadly, it's not an instant classic. It's the type of song that takes several listens before you really Get It. 

You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight is a great album track, not a great single. It's a great song. But it's not a hit. It's not what The Wonder Stuff should sound like.

You better get ready for the backlash. Get the album instead.


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