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The Final Word | Friday, 23 February 2018
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HAR MAR SUPERSTAR - The Handler   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Wednesday, 15 September 2004

The Disco-tastic Hog of Love, he's back baby!


We've seen him around for a while - the overweight, slightly-shabby, sleazy, balding hog of lurve. He's been in Starsky & Hutch and done Vodka adverts. But we haven't really heard his records, much. We've just seen him around. Infamous, more than famous, if you like.


Live shows have been fabulous. The records have been less so. Until now. Finally Har Mar has lived up to the hype.


"The Handler" is the third Har Mar album : and his best. It'a a discotastic declaration of intent. From the first song, the parodiac, self-aggrandising "Transit" that mercilessly apes the Big-Up Culture of rappers through grotesque parody and melds it to kind of rhythms that no-one's heard since "Graffiti Bridge", to the final "Alone Again", it's an album of, to use gangsta speak, all killa, no filla, boy.


White men can dance.


Seriously. It's a brilliant and funny disco album. You can listen to just the lyrics, or the music, and find brilliance in both. Or you can just strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride. Even corpses want to dance to this.


"Party Request" is the funkiest song ever sung by a white man anywhere in the world. It's the type of song that Stevie Wonder hasn't made since 1974. And "DUI"? the single? It's by no means the best song on the album. Nowhere near. But it is probably the first hit single about drunken phone sex. (And who hasn't done that? Be honest with yourselves for once). 


I could continue to list the rest of the album's virtues. It's retro rhythms, the brilliant lyrics, the wonderful sense of self-mocking, biting wit that permeates the grooves and mocks both the self-aggrandising self-love of lyrical masterbators, and also mercilessly extracts the piss out of every outdated Stadium Lothario who still thinks he's relevant whilst sleeping with 10,000 women every night. In Har Mar Land, sex is the reason we're alive : to love or to fuck, to forget ourselves in some one else.


Or I could just tell you this. For years Har Mar has been telling us he's the fucking best. And by the evidence presented here your honour, he might just be right.


In case you doubt, check him out on his next tour : the sight of a thirty something US rap nerd dressed as a cod-superhero in nothing but his underwear singing about his sex life is something you can never really forget.  Har Mar finally lives up to the hype.

har mar!
Written by Guest on 2004-10-11 17:12:01
i agree he really has started to become his fucking best slogan - having seen him live twice i can attest to the very real powers of his female attraction! 
but he is only 26... lol  
the best record i have heard all year 
4.5* for me :grin
Written by Guest on 2005-04-12 16:00:54
I bought this 2 days ago and today I haven't stopped playing it. It's all wrong! I don't like this sort of music by I LOVE THIS RECORD. There are some instant classics, D.U.I., Cut Me Up, Back the camel up and Bird in the hand stand out as being among the best.

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