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The Final Word | Sunday, 21 January 2018
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ENVY   Print  E-mail 
Written by Graham Reed  
Wednesday, 29 September 2004
Some films truly are destined for greatness. This is Not one of them.

Envy is , unfortunately, the worst film I've seen all year. Now, the whole point of a comedy is to make you laugh, or am I missing the point here? It's either a morality tale about true friendship or a dreadfully unfunny and laboured work of untalented arse.

The plot is so threadbare as to not even be worth describing, but it generally revolves around excrement, fecal matter, and warring neighbours. One's a millionaire (nick) , one not (tim) , hence the envy of the title. Jack Black's the one with all the money, as is as unsuited here as possible in a role where all he does is just play Jack Black. Which he does excellently, but it's a one trick pony. Ben Stiller plays Tim, harassed husband and poor next door neighbour and best friend.

You'd expect more from the director of Good Morning, Vietnam and Rainman, really. What we have here is a succession of poor poo-based jokes that are puerile, scatological and tedious. Throw in blackmail courtesy of Christopher Walken as a drunk man at a bar who gets involved in the whole scheme, but his performance isn't so much faxed in as sent by carrier pigeon. Christ, this makes Torque look good. But when a movie is so bad both the Star (Jack Black) and the owner of the film company Jeffrey Katzenberg publicly apologise for it at a press conference, you know it's gonna suck more than an Electrolux. Factor in the fact that it was destined for straight to video release until School of Rock made Jack Black  so hot someone somewhere thought they could turn dogshit into diamonds....literally, as this whole film revolves around dogshit...and what you've got is a grade A stinker. And no amount of va-poo-rize could save this.

If this film generates any emotion, it is indeed Envy. Envy at those lucky enough not to see it. This truly is abysmal, a disaster of the proportions that even a complete reshoot couldn't save.

This film is about shit. What more could it aim for than actually being shit? Well, if you set your sights that low, then don't be surprised that is what you don't even reach that high.

A more absolute waste of time, money and effort I can't imagine.  Don't walk, run away from this movie as fast as you can. Please. I take no responsibility for this. Don't say I didn't warn you, because this is utter rubbish of the lowest order.



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