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The Final Word | Friday, 23 February 2018
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CYPRESS HILL - Stoned Raiders CD   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Monday, 25 October 2004

They're past their best. In fact, they've probably been past their best for a long time.

Last years "Live At The Filmore" contained a handful of recent songs, and was comprised almost in its entireity of choice cuts from the first two albums. Only two songs from the return-to-form "Skull N Bones" were on that. The new one follows much the same path as "Skull N Bones" - a handful of promising tracks recorded with the rock band SX-10 that showcase a unique, and intriguing style - and the majority of the rest are fairly unadventurous, dated hip hop tracks, relying on tired beats, samples from previous records, and uninspiring mixing. There's samples off "Insane In The Brain" and even a song called "Here Is Something You Can't Understand"... living off Past Glories.

They even wheel on a whole bunch of "guest" rappers (much like they did with the fairly dull "IV" album) to try and boost the excitement factor and it fails completely. Frankly it's not that good. If you like Cypress Hill, its not good, or bad, just the next Cypress Hill album. But its not going to make them any new fans.



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