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The Final Word | Monday, 22 January 2018
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JELLO BIAFRA - The Big-Ka-Boom!   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Monday, 25 October 2004

Jello Biafra follows up last years 'Become The Media' triple CD with a rushreleased spoken word EP The Big Ka-Boom! that tackles the immediate aftermath and repercussions of September 11th.

A long standing advocate of freedom of expression who has managed to fill seven CDís with Anti-censorship diatribes and the rest of his spoken word CDís with opinion, comment, and humour that peels back the foreskin of liberty, exposing the lies and deception that comprise our so-called democracy, The Big Ka-Boom! is a voice in the dark, protesting even on the day of the attack that all what not what it seemed, and that somewhere something was very very wrong.

On top of this, Jello offers a rare voice of resistance in the media - as well as much needed common sense, in unravelling the events that lead to, and the secret Government machinations behind, the terrorist attack.

Secret meetings between Bush & Bin Laden, the absence of real news across the US media, the hidden agenda of oil control and the Bush familyís powerful business influences are all examined in an attempt to hint at the global conspiracy - war for profit, to ensure continued profits, in the name of so-called Prophets. What we are looking at here is a Capitalist Jihad with a Muslim bogeyman.

Not of course, to demean the true horror of the attacks, or the likelihood of Taliban involvement, but to expose the wiring under the board of our so called Democracy, where two unelected leaders lead a unwanted war against each other.

The ever prolific Jello, now on his 22nd album in as many years, shows no signs of slowing down or mellowing out as he journeys through his Forties and fervently exposing the hypocrisy deep within the modern world. With a expose of the 'War Against Terrorism' (though who are the Terrorists is also up for debate), The Big Ka-Boom! is just the first drop of common sense in a river of unthinking, unquestioning Daily-Mail-reading conformity. If you value the sound of a man going against the grain and thinking for himself, listen carefully.



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