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The Final Word | Sunday, 21 January 2018
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BLADE : TRINITY   Print  E-mail 
Written by Graham Reed  
Saturday, 25 December 2004
Dumb, Daft, Fast and Furious Fun. Thats Blade:Trinity in a nutshell.

t's a pretty good rule of thumb that all great trilogies come in three's.Hell, that's all trilogies. Either way if its makes profit, then tend to keep on making them to continue making money from an established and recognised brandname. (Except Titanic - Titanic II:Ghosts Of the Abyss would be a pretty lame idea, come to think of it. Whoops, too late).

Either way, welcome to Blade:Trinity. Not Blade III, but Blade:Trinity. And Blade Trinity? Blade Trinity is the least of the trilogy, and by quite some way as well. The first sign something is wrong? The title. Previously, blade was one against the vampires. Now the idea is that the trinity is therefore as important as blade itself ; emasculating Blade, turning him into a bit player. In the previous movies, he led the way and did everything as the prime insitgator, and here, stuff just happens around him, whilst the other two of the 'Trinity' - the pretty girl who kicks-ass and the cute wisecracking ex-vampire guy -  do the hard stuff. Does anyone else see the set up for a a cheap vampire hunting spin off series without the brand name stars (ie get some guy like Jason Lee, but cheaper) or what? Anyway, that aside, what we get for pretty much the entire of the film is Blade, kicking ass..He's still out there.

Tracking down vampires and their human accomplices (the familiars), one by one. But when Blade finds a nest of vampires, he's set up for murder when one turns out to be a human. Wanted by FBI, it turns out to be part of a plot to eliminate Blade for good. Once the FBI manage to capture Blade, its down to the mysterious vampire hunting clan the Nightstalkers to rescue him and unravel the conspiracy, a grand masterplan to harvest the entire human race to feed the vampires, augmented by genetic engineering, all presided over by the king daddy of vampires: Dracula who,  when he's not looking like Sauron in Lord Of the Rings, does a pretty passable good impression of a himbo; All brawn, no brain.

Whilst It makes sense on paper, Blade:Trinity is the weakest of the trilogy. Though the three have the advantage of coming from the same writer, David Goyer, this is his first attempt at directing a major film - and it shows. It shows a lot of potential, with kick ass wham bang action scenes, car chases (though quite where the Blademobile got its blue tinged batmobile exhaust from I dont know), sword fights, exploding warehouses, exploding vampires, some cute bloodsucking puppy dogs, and an awful lot of over the top ultra-violence.

Despite the promise of the premise, the main problems are two fold; and both are in the script area. There's virtually no  characterisation, no motiviation and no menace. Firstly Blade - in fact the only character we really get to know and care about is Hannibal king, ex-vamnpire turned vampire avenger and head of the Nightstalkers. Though it's a role obviously designed for Jason Lee (from Kevin Smith movies), its played impeccably by Ryan Reynolds, who hams it up as a wisecracking bad ass action hero - think John McClane in Die hard and you get the right picture. By comparison, every other chacater, even Blade, is outshined. Blade in particular comes across as a one dimensional killing machine but the other major character, Abigail (Jessica Biel) ,is little more than a convienient  cypher to avenge her father (Blade's mentor Whistler) in the FBI raid, played with all the depth of a kleenex, but with some neat tehcnology and a Rambo-esque bow and arrow. Abigail is also seriously deficient tactically..there seems to be major portion of the film devoted to her loading up tunes (for tunes, read 1996-1997 era british electronica (Underworld, Fluke etc.) so fondly used in every blockbuster) on the ipod. But how many hunters in combat do you know willing deprive themselves of half of their major senses? And When did you last hear of a deaf assassin anyway? having said that, the soundtrack is aggressive and full of pumping techno for every action scene, often to the point of being slightly too loud to be unobtrusive.

The Second Problem is originality. There's little of it here. With a recent slew of vamppire and fantasy/horror movies, Blade:Trinity seems to borrow liberally from the very filsm it's influenced. The concept of genetically engineered supervampires and a renegade working against them is ripped directly from underworld, a film this seems to resemble more than the other entries in the Blade series. You know you're in trouble when it starts ripping off Dracula 2000, and where do they find their main super baddie, Dracula? In a long lost pyramid in the middle of nowhere. Jeez, what is this, Alien Vs. Predator? And as for Dracula himself, he seems one dimensional and there's never any real threat of menace to Blade.

We know Blade can take him, because most of the time Dracula does nothing but leave the hard work to his henchmen - in fact, its not so much Dracula we seem to be watching, but someone trying to outdo the Rock in the himbo stakes.

The worst thing is though, for all its flashy ultra-violence, disintergrating vampires, swordfighting, car chases and wrestling moves (well, if you will stick in wrester Triple H in a movie, you gotta use him somehow), Blade trinity seems oddly muted, toned down, PG-13 sort of vampire action movie. Gone is the gore and menace of Blade II, replaced with hyperstylised cartoony ultra-violence, and mostly bloodless too. Add in an over reliance on occasionally rubbish (though mostly compotent) CGI, and what we have is a film that is certainly the lesser of the three.

Whilst Blade:Trinity is a damn enjoyable piece of loud, brash, explosive, enjoyable fun, it seems to be somehow lacking the panache that made the other two so damn good, with its lightweight and less menancing, toned down content, not to mention dumb plot errors. But still, we get to see Blade kick ASS and what more do you want? Whilst being a considerably more cartoony film than the other two, blade Trinity is still good, enjoyable vampire splattin action.It never comes close to the first two, and for all its errors, all you need to do is switch off your brain and ejoy the fireworks, because "Blade:Trinity"? Its  an absolute blast.

Wrestlers in Movies.
Written by hawklord2112 on 2005-02-19 13:26:25
It's such a shame that Trips and The Rock are the only two Wrestlers that have been in big screen hits* because there are sooooo many other ring stars around who have better mic skills. 
* note - Hollywood "Hulk" Hogan was not a wrestler. 
"The Mercenary" starring Kevin Nash was not a big screen hit 
and neither was Eternal Soldier 2 which starred Bill Goldberg 

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