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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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THE INCREDIBLES   Print  E-mail 
Written by Graham Reed  
Wednesday, 05 January 2005

Well, A title like that is just begging to set yourself up for a comedown. it then? is it incredible?

Erm....Yes. It is.

Oh I've tried not to use the pun.Whoops too late. But at least we get a film that lives up to it's title,and far and away the best of the Pixar movies.

Whenever Pixar put out a movie, it's always accompanied by increasing levels of hype and slavish critical acclaim - see the plaudits and box office that Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo received, but those two movies, whilst hugely enjoyable, didn't quite match the heights of Toy Story and its' Sequel. The Incredibles however, does.

It's just your average tale of your everyday superheroes - until one day the government decides to shut it all down for fear of legal action, with the superheroes reverting back to normality, pledging not to use their powers and holding down day jobs in the Superhero relocation program. But one day, Mr. Incredible is approached for a new task- one so secret he can't tell anyone. And in doing this he discovers a conspiracy from a villain, the kind the government had thought they had wiped out. And he can't even tell his wife - or as she used to be known, Elastigirl - because the last thing she wants is her husband having some midlife crisis gallivanting around the world thinking he's some sort of damn superhero.

Unlike the other films - which are essentially and primarily children's films which appeal to adults, The Incredibles is an adult film which is marketed to appeal to children. Take away the superhero powers and the CGI and what you've got is at its most simplistic, a remake of the Schwarznegger midlife crisis bond spoof True Lies.

Now, remove the physical cost of making the sets and paying the stars, and let your imagination run wild. I mean, why not have a base inside a hollowed out volcano, killer death robots running around the jungle blowing stuff up, flying saucers with laser guns and so so much more than your usual car chase? Then plunge it into some retro design work like the stuff they'd stick in a bond movie if only they could afford it and add in a mix of X-Men 2, Superman 2 and You Only live Twice.

Yes, it's pretty much a compilation of other movies, but that's as much homage as a satire. From the production design to the John Barry-esque flushes in the soundtrack and the 60's inspired title designs, this comes from an obvious love and appreciation of the original films; wanting to get back to the innocent excitement of those days. And there's an innocent exuberance in every frame in the Incredibles, a joyful glee in the fact that yes, I can stop a moving train, defeat an evil supervillain, float in mid air, and run faster than anyone else alive - hell, if you could these things, wouldn't you enjoy it?

Add in a load of oneliners, exciting and over the top comic excitement / action , coupled with rampaging killer death robots and a killer script loaded with jokes yet oddly prescient and thoughtful yet loving send up of the whole superhero / super-villain genre than does it so well, you don't mind it's occasional foray into silliness. Where do the bad guys get there seemingly unending string of disposable henchmen? We'll never know, and whilst It's not original by any means - look at the Austin powers movies - but it sure is damn good fun. Intelligent and cerebral, highly entertaining and appealing to all ages, The Incredibles shows Pixar probably to be the finest studio Hollywood has at the moment, and it's never made a flop. And The Incredibles shows us why - it just makes damn good films, and The Incredibles is no exception.I just hope they make another one because this could rival Toy Story in it's ongoing greatness....

The Incredibles - you won't be disappointed.

you also forget
Written by Guest on 2005-02-19 13:21:02
Jason Lee's voicing of the bad guy. 
I didnt realise who it was till halfway through. 
made the whole film, for me. Plus the look on Tomas's face, sat there wide eyed, feeding popcorn (his first ever) into his mouth one kernel at a time. 

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