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The Final Word | Thursday, 22 February 2018
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GORILLAZ - Demon Days   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Demon Days...or Demon Albarn?

Crikey. Is it so long? Four years ago, Damon Albarns Post Modern Excuse for a band, the Gorillaz, stormed the barricades with that most radical of ideas. What if, just, what if, right, some indie musician decided to record a solo album that was so rubbish that like, he decided the only way to credibly release it after spending all that money on it, was, like, to pretend it's a cartoon boyband pisstake? Whoa man! That's just off the pages of TVGoHome. That's well weapon.

Well here's the sequel. Whats the excuse for sequels? To do it just like the first time, but better, and make more money.

See the flaw here in the gameplan? "Better". That's the active word here. And you couldn't get much worse than the first album. A lazy bunch of beats topped off with idiotic, illiterate, lazy lyrics from someone who can obviously do better but just can't be bothered.

So, more of the same. The whole world has changed since 2001. I don't need to give you a history lesson. But what's changed in Gorillaz land? Nothing. They're probably still trying to either fool you that they really are cartoons driving in Winnebagos, and thus, utterly ACE, or playing some postmodern prank mocking the now beyond-parody genre of BoyPap. So far beyond parody that whatever ridiculous notion a satirist could concieve a boyband made of robot japanese teenagers called Kamikaze! - that someone somewhere already has a demographic model and some songs picked from the vast pool of bland pornographers of sound who write this sludge.

Is it right to aspire to such lowly ambitions? To look at the artistic heights of say "13", and reduce oneself to that low rent world of willing artistic castration? In all likelihood, when Albarn presented the first album to EMI, they said "You've got to be fucking kidding", and he and his high-art/low-talent chums invented some wheeze of a concept so he wouldn't have to apply himself or make an effort or write any songs.

Not to say anything about the music, but "Demon Days" is a dire record. Released by someone else, it would deservedly sink without trace to be - maybe - a cult classic, a rare groove sought after on Ebay.

"Demon Days" is a dull, tired listen. There's no spark here. No vitality. No life. The music was unadventurous half a decade ago, let alone now, and the keen eared can detect several reworked offcuts from Albarns vinyl-only solo record - it's an almost desperate recycling of everything in a mechanically recovered processed musical form.

Musically it hangs on fragments of melody, snatches of childish nursery rhyme and nonsense, graffiti lyrics, and music that sounds like it was written from an office, not from the soul. Where's the soul? The passon? The talent? Instead Albarn lazily intones gibberish and pats himself on the back for being so postmodern he doesn't need talent.

This record is a vampire. It has no soul. And it feels like it's sucking your will to live out.


Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 11:26:10
This was my first visit to The Final Word. It will be my last.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 11:34:26
The very first bad review I've seen. Not one people will probably tak seriously either. :roll:
And, why exactly? (Gaspar Lewis)
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 12:26:52
Hey, don't like it buddy? 
Alright; one more album I might find on the rack 5/23. 
Of course, your review talks more about your discontempt for the concept of Gorillaz, rather than the actual music. You spend almost the whole review panning the idea as a guise for 'bad music', then only discuss the music itself in one paragraph, in very vague and unclear terms. You did not cite one single example of any of your complaints (even though I can recognize a few; "I Need A Gun" off Democrazy was admittedly a bunch of undeveloped fragments; how Albarn chose to flesh them out is entirely his business, including developing it into "Dirty Harry"). If you dislike it, I have no prblem, but at least present your point intelligently, rather than blathering on about vampires, robot Japanese (which you didn't even capitalize) teenagers, pornographers, and TVGoHome. 
An opinion is one thing, my friend. 
But your ridiculous excuse for a review is quite another. :zzz
and another thing... (GL)
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 12:41:52
Little mistake in there... 
prblem -> problem 
And on the opinions of my contemporaries, that's what I'd like to say to you, through the more emotional extensions of my mind, but, on a cerebral level, I'd rather simply dissect your prattle into utter nothingness through some simple, well-made points, which you seem to have a sufficient lack of.
It's been said...
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 12:53:12
I think that those above has stated exactly what I think of this review perfectly. If you truly want to listen to an album with no soul, then go listen to Ashlee Simpson. This is honestly the first new music I've listened to this year that had true emotional substance. It presented a vivid picture with the words and music, unlike the cookie-cutter garbage the industry has been trying to poison our ears with. This is innovation, and you obviously are not ready for it. People do tend to shoot down what they don't understand, after all.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 13:55:51
So you obviously hate the concept of the Gorillaz' establishment as a cartoon band, but what about the music? Isn't music what bands are supposed to be about? I mean, I think Iggy Pop is pretty damned unattractive, but his music is just great! Next time you write a review, perhaps it would help if you gouged your eyes out first so you didn't have to see the band who you're listening to In fact, it might even be best if they didn't tell you what you were reviewing until after you heard it. Gorillaz are different from everything I've been hearing on the radio and the telly, and to some people that would be a bad thing. It might not gain them much air time, but the Gorillaz have certainly (as you can clearly see from the comments) established a solid base of fandom, even if it doesn't include you. 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 14:09:02
I must agree on one thing, the LAST TWO tracks get repeatitive and annoying, but the rest are not sleepy and lazy at all. They are a bit mellow, but seriously, what do you think upbeat is?You are a complete idiot, espically in the fact that the entire time I was reading your review, it was barely understandable.Oh yes, you did'nt even mention who "He" was until half-way through your entire review. 
Maybe you should learn how to write a review correctly before you actually judge something. 
Obviously your too much of a idiot. 
Fuck you. 
Written by markreed on 2005-04-23 14:46:37
The music is rubbish. The lyrics are vague, lazy, and merely words made to fill the space.  
This record is the "Hysteria" of HipHopIndie made by white boys with no clue.  
The record itself is, in my opinion, so bland, Albarn has had to find an Interesting Concept to distract attention away from the non-content within.  
Nice line in homophobia there "Guest". Homophobia is Gay. Doncha know?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 14:51:24
Ah, go off and blog about it, indie boy. 
...Oh, that's right... you did 
Stupidity rears its ugly head again?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 15:16:23
Mr Mark here obviously shouldnt be allowed to be a music critic if he thinks that Lyrics are the only things that make a good song. You should be sacked. Obviously sombody as closed minded as you should not report on music, should ne be allowed to listen to music, or have any right to mention anything to do with music ever again. 
Your best and most wuved fan, 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 15:18:07
I love how you put an emphasis on that it's supposedly made by white boys with no clue. Nice way to play the colour card there. I think the cracker-arses did an excellent job then. And that homophobia remark was a complete cheap shot and really had nothing to do with the issue at hand here. Once again I repeat myself, a music review should be about the music, not the people who make the music. 
Don't give up the day job...
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 15:20:00
Mark you never even commented on ONE TRACK in your piss-poor review. ONE TRACK. The review gives the impression you haven't even heard the record, and are just reviewing what you expect it to be like. 
Don't give up the day job, pal.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 16:05:12
Wow. I wonder what I did to all you lot. I find it difficult to remember the songs and the titles dont seem to have anything to do with the songs.  
There's way too many comments about "suck a cock" here for me to find much validity in the statements by those people.
Yeah hey but no.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 16:11:40
The whole world has changed since 2001. I don't need to give you a history lesson. But what's changed in Gorillaz land? Nothing. 
Have you even LISTENED to the album? The entire thing is so vastly different from the first album that it's obviously a commentary on how the world HAS changed. 
And guess what. The 'reworked offcuts from Albarns vinyl-only solo record' are INTENTIONAL. Or did you not realise -- 'Oh Hey "democrazy" I get it now!' cos you're too busy being a Sad Maladjusted Indie Boy that must lash out at the world cos you totally couldn't get tickets to see Mogwai? 
I really only skimmed your review which seems only fitting as you've apparently only skimmed the album. 
The next time you feel the need to spew fire at a 'wheeze of a concept' (5 million albums worldwide btw :) please do it in the privacy of your livejournal and not under the guise of an actual INFORMED review. 
ps. Your grammar is atrocious.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 16:13:44
every piece of critisism shouldn't be taken as "suck a cock". Sure, there are a few words here that maybe went over the edge, but basically, everyone is just telling the truth.  
The author of this bit made the same mistakes himself - how many facts can you find in the review? Sure, you have a lot of statements there(all sadly wrong), but nothing to prove them. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  
I've seen 5th grades writing better stuff then this...
Written by markreed on 2005-04-23 16:23:39
Crikey. What lame insults. (Mogwai suck live, in my opinion, by the way). If you disagree go and write your own reviews and post them to your own site. I wonder how many of you have actually heard the record.  
Your responses are almost religious in their fervour. How bizarre.
I think he gets to point.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 16:25:04
See at the end of the day, Gorillaz have the fans. Damon Albarn has the pleasure of knowing that he started something very different that caught on and became very successful, and Jamie Hewlett's wicked artwork continues to delight and inspire millions. They're out there working their asses off to make something unique, right or wrong, and this guy is just sitting at a laptop whining about how he happens to not like it.
By the way
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 16:46:58
As much as I disagree with your opinion on Gorillaz, I do agree that Graham Coxon is amazing and nothing short of a genius. Just thought I'd throw that out here while I was at it. :) 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 17:39:26
One thing to say... Reject False Icons 
Poo Poo
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 23:37:56
*cries in a corner* The bad man made a poo poo on the Gorillaz. *cuts wrists* 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-23 23:55:28
You are a ass you fail to realize good music and orginality. you sir are BUSH folk. Now stuff your head back up your ass and jump off a cliff.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 01:30:29
Graham Coxon is the sexiest thing since sliced bread, and that's that. And sliced bread is pretty sexy too, I don't know how Graham does it. 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 01:49:41
Good album this, your review is a utter disappointment.  
Don't even bother reviewing music again!
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 04:25:09
:eek I get sick of this... 
I think the final word about this has still not spoken... 
Written by markreed on 2005-04-24 05:20:57
9 "fuck"s and "fuck yous", a half-assed death threat, some playground "yo momma's a bitch", and a couple of gay insults. How old are you?  
With fans like you, they don't need enemies. I don't like the record. I've made that very clear and I've explained why. Get over it.  
Check the Blur reviews if you think I'm always pro Graham and anti-Damon. It's not that Graham left that made me start to not like Albarns work. It's his lyrical dumbingdown that has devalued his work - anyone who can write stuff like most of "13" and choose to utter gibberiush instead (like most of "Gorillaz, "ThinkTank", "Demon Days") is not using his talents.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 07:17:23
Why would you take an album for his lyrics? 
The music pleases people, not their lyrics... 
Written by markreed on 2005-04-24 08:47:46
because if it was just music it would be an instrumental album.  
Music isn't just about music, it's about the words, the cover, it's about everything : a record or a CD is an artistic creation and every part of it must be valued within the context of the culture in which it was created. This album is a post-modern semi-ironic ruse.
It's not that bad
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 08:48:22
My kids love it! :grin
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 09:13:51
A lot older than sombody who takes to arguing inside the comments page? :roll  
You are wrong, the rest of the world is right, and isnt it your bedtime?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 13:05:51
Well, pretty much everyone who's posted made some good points so I haven't really got much to say along with loads of other people who commented here: 
Fuck you too. ^_^
evil elvis
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 13:13:31
(laughs openly at the comments box.) it's like a playground in here.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 14:47:29
Hey, Mark. Since you haven't commented on ANY SINGLE ONE of the songs on the album, why dont you do that now for us?
Written by markreed on 2005-04-24 17:42:19
there is no musical rulebook, and if there were all music would sound like Britney ~: blnd, dull, and boring.  
I havent mentioned individual songs because to me, it becomes a formless mass with little variation in tempo or style.  
To me, lyrics provide a record with it's plot. Without a plot, and you're looking at a mess. (If in doubt watch Lethal Weapon 4). Without a plot and you're looking at rubbish : something that is plainly nonsense, that is vaccous, empty, lacking in context and in content.  
Comment from another writer for the site
Written by greed on 2005-04-24 19:08:04
Just because he doesn't blow smoke up damon's ass doesn't mean his opinion in invalid. And I agree with the lyric writing - on this album (not to mention thinktank or the 1st Gorillaz album or its TWO spinoff ripoff releases of recycled music - the dub album and b-sides release) he reduces the lyrics to the sheer state of words that rhyme. 
Fact is, Damons writing could move me to tears (see No distance left to Run), and now it bores me to tears. As for listening to newer music and so forth- you won't find any reviews of Bloc party, the Killers, or anything like that here. A quick look over this which explains why! 
You also might want to look at live review of Gorillaz. Yes, I do berate them. It all depends on what you think music is there fore - is it merely to entertain? Or is it to reach out and touch people's souls? In this case, the only thing I feel damon wants to reach out to is my wallet, and extract his royalties.... 
p.s.interesting to note how google reveals that one of detractors apparently seems to listen to Gorillaz simply " because Damon's voice is just that sexy." and has "been very much into Gorillaz fandom." If you're going to listen to music for that basis, may I suggest G4 or 5ive? Or maybe reading Smash Hits?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-24 23:08:47
That is a blatant insult! G4 makes my blood boil... I've never heard of the other two. 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 04:00:41
So I take it you find no meaning in the lyrics from the fantastic song 'Every Planet We Reach Is Dead,' or lyrics that clearly express the struggle for simpler values in a corrupt decadent world in 'Feel Good Inc'? Or are these other people right and you really havent listened to them? I would say that the lyrics contain more meaning than in the first album, but I still wonder about your comments on the gravity of lyrics, given that music isn't even obligated to have them at all.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 04:10:50
let's not forget the unmistakable tirade against a screwed up society and ironically light-hearted take on violent youth in 'Dirty Harry.'  
Speaking of which, Let's not forget 'Kids With Guns' ("They're turning us into monsters, they're turning us into fire, it's all desire...")  
Only someone with no imagination whatsoever wouldn't get some meaning out of that.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 07:23:22
I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion... I mean, I have friends that laugh at me because I like the 'Rillaz, but I don't hate them for it. I just don't like how you make it sound like you despise them... I believe that they are a really good band and the concept of cartoon is genious. Can I ask you what kind of music You listen to so that we, the 'Rillaz fans, could critique it?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 09:48:59
here be apologists. dissent is sacrilege.
Mark Reed VAMPIRE critic
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 10:03:03
There really are no substantial claims here. A very shallow and bitter review...not to be taken serious at all. Let's see what the real critics have to say when the CD is released. This is my last stop at "Final Word" as well.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 15:04:20
ignoring all the flaming here, I must say, Mr.Reed didn't prove anything, as he claimed earlier. He stated his opinions, but never proved them. Why? Well, two possible reasons for that(Don't take this the bad way, I'm just saying as it is): a)he's a bad journalist and just cant explain his thoughts very well. Or b)He is wrong about it after all and there for can't prove it at all. 
Written by markreed on 2005-04-25 15:16:59
Bitter? In what way bitter? I don''t envy them at all. I just called as I saw it. I don't like the record, and I said exactly why.  
The role of a reviewer is not to provide uncritical, sycophantic praise, but to review the text before them critically. I'm sure if it was music you'd say the same and be equally unforgiving. Except you'd rephrase it as "U SUCK ASS! FAG!" 
With fans like you, who needs enemies? You're making Gorillaz fans look petty, juvenile, and rude. 
Written by markreed on 2005-04-25 15:21:51
I didn't say I proved anything. Music is not some scientific theorem to prove/disprove. It's all opinion.  
Track by track? Maybe when i have time. If I can be bothered to write anything other than "GAY OFF U FAG! U SUCK ASS AND COCK!!!"* 
*hey, I thought I was right but now I've been told I suck ass and cock I've seen the err of my ways. Being called a moron by a moron is a compliment.  
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 15:38:28
Well some of us have plenty to say that doesn't involve childish insults, so just ignore those.  
Anyway, it's always funny when people blatantly say what a failure or disaster the first album was, when it doesn't take a genius to see what an innovative success it was. It just sounds more like people say bad things about it for the sake of taking the piss. It's exactly the sort of thing Damon and Jamie said they learned not to give a shit about, because in the end they know they're at least trying to do something different and creative, unlike many of the pop acts out there today.  
If they were just in it for the money, why bother with all the animation, art, collaboration, website building, etc, considering how easy it is to entertain and get money from people these days without all that stuff?(I think Paris Hilton's show is a prime example of that...) I've dreamed about being part of a project like Gorillaz, and certainly not because of the paychecks.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 15:51:41
You want lyrics Mark? Read them all here (lyrics to the new album). 
I have to say I think they're really good and a massive improvement on the first album. How can you say the lyrics are bad, and just rhyme? They are one of the best things about this record. Heartfelt and meaningful.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 15:53:46
I believe you failed to acknowledge the majority of intelligent responses to this review, why is that? I mean, reading about the "ur mum is gay" comments is mildly amusing, but it's a waste of time. Perhaps if you spent less time responding to us bitching about your article you could get something else done. Generalizing a large group of people isn't exactly making you look mature either.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 16:10:25
It's all opinion? er, no. 
See, there are facts. Facts like, that the album is a whole, telling a story. Telling a story, which is hidden inside the lyrics. Maybe too sublimal to the author of this, though,,,
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 16:17:10
2005-04-25 18:45 (link)  
you can't hide on the internet. you'll always be found. " 
on Livejournal. 
Who said anyone was trying to hide??? 
:? :? :?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 16:24:25 are just going to say anything negative is "U SUK BLAM!!!1"? 
If so,i dont care if your on the dark side. Your just a plain idiot. Even though the lyrics to Punk are unknown because they are incoherent mumbling,its 20 times better than anything you could make.
Written by markreed on 2005-04-25 17:07:49
The first verse to "Kids With Guns" is pretty good but the rest are a bit average in my eyes. "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head" has a great title. The rest of the lyrics though don't scan and are probably meant more to be listened to and 'felt' rather than understood, in the same way as Def Leppard use their nonsense-lyrics to act as a musical instrument as opposed to anything of any lyrical depth and I think "Demon Days" is exactly the same.  
I'm astounded that you lot are so fervent in defence of what is a lyrically-weak and musically-dull record. The entire concept of a cartoon band is, in my mind, a smokescreen to hide the musical and lyrical shortcoming of the record.  
if that isn't good enough an explanation for you, just call me a "hater" and accept low aspirations as your benchmark.  
Excuse me for one minute...
Written by Guest on 2005-04-25 18:59:57
Mr. Reed, earlier in this conversation I remmeber you saying something or other about an album, single or idea not just being about one aspect, it being about everything. Music, lyrics, production, art, substance. I agree. 
The one flaw in this statement is, this is the point we're making. An album is about everything, and that is what you failed to comment on in your review. 'Everything'. 
If it is indeed about everything, which again, we obviously both believe, at least somewhat, then everything would include music and lyrics, correct? But that is exactly what you did not comment on instead, offering a tray of non-proved, very biased opinions.  
We never asked you for a 'track by track' review. What we are saying is that you failed to specifically comment on one track. Alone. At all. 
By the way, did it ever occur to you that the reason there are 'recycled' ideas from Damon Albarn's 'Democrazy' album is that the album was intended as a preview of demos that Damon was working with at the time? They are not 'recycled' music and songs, they are fully developed ideas, and I see that like many other people, you failed to see 'Democrazy' and particular songs on Demon Days as what they were. 
All I really have to say is, please do a better job at flaw-checking in the future. 
I would have a lot more to say, but I wanted to make this post fairly 'fact-stating' so you would not have much spam-like phrases to go on, as you have in the past.
Written by markreed on 2005-04-25 21:28:52
I've mentioned the music, which I think is dull, bland, and melodically uniteresting.  
I've mentioned the lyrics, which are obtuse, lazy, and lacking in any intelligence or so-called 'narrative'. 
I haven't mentioned the cover art (I rememebr Tank Girl in Deadline mag, so it's nothing new to me), but I have mentioned the cultural context in which the record was made - a culture of artificial artistes producing 'art' with nothing to say and no art within : this is exactly what the Gorillaz are. A postmodern attempt to deconstruct the Boy Band, by mocking the "Spice Girls" type cliches (big black guy? japanese girl? hiphop white kid? they are as cartoon-stereotypes as Westlife). And I've said it as I see it : a cynical ruse to cover a pisspoor solo record.  
Now, what did I miss?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-26 03:38:24
I would admit that the debut album was simplistic in nature, though catchy and genuinely moody with a good variety of seasonings and spices, and once again, unlike anything being done in pop music at the time.  
Demon Days shows a great deal of musical depth and maturity, which cannot be ignored in songs like 'Every Planet We Reach is Dead,' or the dreamy gospel high of the titular song 'Demon Days.' The whole album is like the soundtrack for an eventful night out weaving through city streets or trudging across moonlit sand dunes geurilla-style. Damon's vocals don't hold center stage in this album, disapointing some fans, but proving that it's not just an excuse to advertise himself unlike many pop acts, who would drown every album with their tired cheap vocals in favor or musical experimentation, which Demon Days uses to transport you to strange yet eerily nostalgic landscapes. 
That's my review, and I hope people will consider this view as well as all the hard work that goes into the making of the material, both musical and visual. I am Gh0st.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-26 17:16:42
Are you trying to be all cool? Cos, you're failing miserably. And you must be trying to be cool if you're writing about everything else BUT the real reason for this so-called "review". 
What a waste of space.
Written by markreed on 2005-04-26 17:49:39
What is the real reason for the review? enlighten me to my motives! Could it be the reason for this review is that I think the record is rubbish?
*le sigh*
Written by Guest on 2005-04-26 20:13:41
Now, I'm not one to point fingers or call names but I will say this: It shouldn't matter what he thinks due to the fact that he doesn't broadcast this on television or the radio. He doesn't get to publish this into a magazine or speak at the White House about it. So the question is: Who cares about this "Mark" guy anyways? If a great deal of people like the album, then great! I am one of those people. Those who don't, well, it's just not their cup of tea. But because this doesn't make a serious, life-threatening, chaotic change in history . . . I will state that there is nothing that "Mark" can do to change my opinion or that of others. I also have to agree that his review was very lacking in everything that is needed to be concidered a "review" and so this should not be concidered as a review . . . just him being pissed off at the fact that no one is really listening to him because of that matter. I must agree with others when he should place this in a live journal rather than a review board. Thank you for your time. *bows*
Written by markreed on 2005-04-26 20:49:51
I'm amazed that you think I wrote a bad review just to get attention off people like you. I wrote a review that was 'bad', that is critical and doesn't read like a press release, because I don't like the album, and I explain why.  
"Guest" seems to post rather a lot, and has nothing but erroneous conjecture to add.  
Some people don't like the album. BFD. Get over it.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-26 21:31:36
Personally, I think Parklife and Modern Life Is Rubbish were much better albums than 13. I've got the special edition of 13 though, it's a lovely little album and the painting from Graham on the cover is very nice. Actually... I think Parklife and Modern Life Is Rubbish are some of the best (If not the best) albums I've ever heard. I didn't think the lyrical value overall of 13 was too good... Well it was at least very inconsistent. I didn't think the lyrics to songs such as Trimm Trabb and Battle were terribly poetic or valuable in any way, but maybe that's just me. Then of course you have the opposite side, Coffee & TV which I actually wrote a long interpretation of what the lyrics mean in my own personal life, the almost Gospel lyrics of Tender, and the bittersweet lyrics to No Distance Left to Run. 
In contrast, I think that Modern Life Is Rubbish and Parklife have songs that work very well together, especially Modern Life Is Rubbish. Not only does it present that modern life is in fact rubbish, but the songs (I think) give a reason or example for it. And Parklife... Well, I just love Parklife. 
After typing all this, I realize that it has nothing to do with Demon Days other than it features Damon... Oh well. 
Good Job
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 01:04:35
This writer knoes what he speaks of! 
He speaks the truth -I know , I heard it myself & all of you suckers will buy into like sheep & support more crap - second album?? it's their 4th!!! 
And it will suck like the rest... 
The ALL Knowing... 
The Empty Arguments Must End
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 01:40:49
I can honestly say that I just read some of the emptiest arguments ever. Some of them sound like a Bush speach on Sunday afternoon. Shame on some of you. Either way, I can say that I have had the honor, yes the honor to listen to this album, and I can say that it is nothing short of incredible. If I said it were like the last album I would be lying. It's not. Matter of fact, it shits on the last album. Thats right, equipped with peanuts and corn. This album is so dark its almost scary. I don't exactly know what Danger Mouse set out to accomplish on this album, but it is nothing short of an Indie Classic. So loopy with guitar loops, soul choruses and most important a few rap lines in there that do not "overhaul" the track, but rather find the revine and ride it just right. I could argue with some of you, but I would be wasting time that I could spend listining to the record. If you cannot find some of the tracks, then you will have to wait. I am sure by now it is all over the stinkin ass net. Buy the album anyways, even if you happen to get an advanced copy. I can only hope that MTV lectured youth do not get ahold of this album though, then play it for their friends with that bullshit "yeah this is better than their last album" line. Its for adults and music lovers, not the Fitch and Hollister crowd. So please, if you wear or have an affiliation with any of the mentioned above do us true music fans a favor and don't ruin what this album really means. I'm out.  
Gorillaz Fans = Ashlee Simpson Fans...
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 12:04:53
The people who are attcking the writer are like 
ashlee simpson fans who CANNOT believe 
she is lip synching - get over it Gorillaz fan bitches.. 
I hope they rip you off - like they ripped fans off 
for the past 3 albums... 
Big Hock
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 12:17:08
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 12:26:16
Funny how Honest Abe should be using that as an insult - given that Neneh Cherry and Shaun Ryder were both breaking into the mainstream in 1991, same as Blur were for the first time. Doesn't that make him old and Tired too, eh? if not, why the hell not? Would you prefer gorillaz to get in someone like The Kaiser Chiefs to guest, given how relevant they are nowdays eh? lets face it, Damon's been making records for 15 years, he's practically at pop's retirement age and should give it up. 
IMHO, The album is shit.If you want to spend time bitching about how a cartoon character is "Sexy" or not as a justification of this as a work of genius, may i direct you to watch Nickelodeon and go back to playing with Spongebob toys? Jesus. How juvenile these fans are....
Old & Tired Part II
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 14:05:40
I'm sorry I almost forgot... 
Damon Alburn (Old & Tired) 
Honest Abe 
Now go watch some real cartoons!! 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 14:26:02
So he should burn in hell for not sucking the Gorillaz Postmodern Cock? You are little fan bitches indeed. Have you considered that maybe people who dislike don't give a shit about being "cool", but give a shit about music instead?  
you punks make the Gorillaz look shit. Every band gets the fans it deserves, and anyone who thinks "suck my cock" is an insult is lame.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 14:50:44
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 17:02:48
April 25, 2005 
Gorillaz - Demon Days: Album Review 
Demon Days 
Gorillaz, Demon Days (Virgin, 2005) 
That first Gorillaz album was something of a runaway success, having sold more than one and a half million copies in the US alone. I'm sure that's way more than any other Damon Albarn-related project other than whatever album it was that had "Song 2" on it. Since then, Dan The Automator and Del (he was in that group too, right?) have gone on to, I don't know, unemployment, and Gorillaz is now basically Albarn and Dangermouse (dude from the Grey Album) plus a buncha random-ass guest stars. 
The intro. 
This is cool, but I don't know if I like it as much as the original Gorillaz. Dangermouse's beats are more heavy on techno-like blips and beeps and and less old school hip hop-sounding. The song though I kinda like, as simple and repetitive as it is. 
Some sort of interlude. 
Having heard this song 5 or 6 times now, I've yet to really get into it like that. I think it's just got way too much going on in the mix with all of these weird-sounding strings and other assorted sound effects. There's not much of an actual song to it. 
The title being an obvious reference to "Clint Eastwood," I'm assuming this is their attempt to once again capitalize on the success of their first album's lead single. It's a damn nifty track, with a tight beat and some sort of children's choir or some such that chimes in periodically, but it's not nearly as "obvious" as that other song. 
This track, says the sight where I ganked the album cover from, features De La Soul. That would be a good way to add a nice boost to album sales... if this were 1989. Ha ha ha. 
I notice that where as the production has a tendency to obscure some of what might be the better songs on here, it definitely carries some tracks like this, which really don't have much otherwise to recommend them. 
I'm not really feeling this one at all. I think in general the Gorillaz are better when they're doing faster, dancey-type stuff like "Dirty Harry" and Feel Good Inc." Also, the production on this is weird in a bad way. 
MF Doom is on this. His verses are good, I guess, as far as that sort of thing goes. I mean, he basically does the same thing he always does. Again, I wish this was faster. 
Things start to pick up here. The production is again bordering on "weird in a bad way," but the beat more or less carries this. 
Definitely the kind of track you'd shove in the middle of the second half of the album and just hope nobody notices. There's no song here, and the production is just fucking retarded. 
This track is just too much on some Human League shit for me to listen to without putting both hands over my ears, running around in a circle and shouting no homo. 
This is mostly just some guy reading a motherfucking story. The beat is rather teh ghey, on some The Grind-style shit. 
This is cool, I guess, for what it is. More of an interlude than an actual song. 
Since it's both the title track and the last track on here, you'd hope that this would be something good, to end the album on a high note. Sadly, it really isn't. 
COMMENTS: This second Gorillaz album has its moments, but it's mostly a disappointment. As integral as Damon Albarn is to the Gorillaz sound, being the lead singer and all, I think The Automator might have actually been the secret weapon. Where as that first album had more of an old school hip hop feel to it, this album is just fucking weird-sounding. Also, most of these songs weren't really that good to begin with. 
BEST TRACKS: "Last Living Souls" "Dirty Harry"
Written by markreed on 2005-04-27 17:27:49
get yer own website Ye Who Has Forgotten Ye Own Name
Teh Ghey? (ecks deeze included, some ass
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 19:36:34
Some fans, and some non-fans will be dissapointed with "Demon Days", but mostly because the've gone deaf over the years. On the other hand, 99% of the fans that stuck around the online communities are thoroughly satisified with it. As it is fairly well documented in the earlier part of the comments.  
I may have forgotten where I was going with this...... yes.... 
To the guest who posted their review of the album above Mr. Reed's last comment: 
"Last Living Souls" is, quite possibly, the weakest track on the entire album. It's a mess, except for the bit towards the end where the guitar/piano kick in. That part's ace, for sure. "Dirty Harry" is also towards the bottom of my list. It doesn't tickle my fancy, if you will. "O Green World", "El Manana", "Every Plantet we Reach is Dead", and "Fire Coming out of a Monkey's Head" are the strongest, in my view.  
Maybe we have completly different musical taste. Or maybe, just maybe, I actually take time to listen to the songs, instead of whatever the hell it is that you do with them. Shit on them, perhaps? 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 19:44:39
Hey whoever did the track-by-track, lets have a contest to see who can possibly cram the word "Production" into a single music review the most. Oh wait, looks like you win by default. :) 
Written by Guest on 2005-04-27 21:32:03
Lyrics lyrics LYRICS! Can't any of you people just sit down, get a good book and use music as a background to set good vibes? Or even just relaxing? Personally, i finished a 600+ page book in a week, in between chores and school by jus tlistening to the first album. You say the lyrics e bad, but can't you just enjoy the flow?
Written by markreed on 2005-04-28 04:49:56
Dumbass must be spiking whats in my Sugar Bowl with something else.
Written by Guest on 2005-04-28 15:07:38
Oh boy, this was almost as good as the "Half-life 2" chrome mod flame war. Thank you all. Also, I like to notice that internet flamewars have a certain formula: Many direct flames, often by guest users; author of whatever interjects; series of supporting lines from guests to the author. I love you all, to believe this was free...
old and tired...?
Written by Guest on 2005-04-29 05:12:23
Ok, for a start first half of the review is irrelevant. It's perfectly fair to reference previous works as an introduction but not as the main body of a review. 
Secondly, it appears that you have a downer on experimental artists. I imagine you (should) have a similar disdain for 'Beck', him being a similarly experimental artist.
Written by markreed on 2005-04-29 09:05:16
Don't be silly. The Gorillaz aren't experimental : they're vaccous pop music. Truly experimental artists (Fantomas, for example) generally a thumbs up - but only if the experiment rings true.
Written by markreed on 2005-04-30 15:44:44
Firstly, I am unbiased. (If anything I am biased in Damon's favour, because he has made many very good records without the words "Gorillaz" on the cover).  
Secondly, compared against other artists, I think it is a poor piece of work. And a good review does not take into account merely the work of other artists, but the cultural context in which the record was made.  
I can review it objectively : a record that is technically competent but artistically redundant. There you go. If you want points for competence then you should downgrade their status from 'artists' to 'musical workers'. How very workmanlike. And mundane. Diluting what could be 'art' to mere 'product', like fast food. I pity the taste of the nation.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-04 04:20:53
Look,just piss off the Gorillaz already,and stop replying to the guys who say that you suck.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-07 06:46:19
feel the love....
Written by Guest on 2005-05-07 13:38:55
He didn't say it was a techno record, and you can't spell.
Written by Hunt on 2005-05-07 16:21:46
I just canít understand this guy that made the review. He just goes on bashing the album like thereís no tomorrow. As a whole, I really like the album and I think itís better than the last one (in my own opinion). It just sounds more interesting and meaningful. The only songs I really didnít like where All Alone (god, that midget saying "all alone" gives me the creeps), November has come (Iím not a real rap fan), Intro (It was way too short!), and Demon days (I didnít expect Demon days to sound like it does; the song name was so cool I thought that it would be punk rock or something like that. I like the message, though). THIS IS OF COURSE, MY OWN OPINION. I bet thereís lots of people who really liked those songs. The rest of the album is simply great. 
El MaŮana is one of my favorites. The music and 2ds vocals are absolutely beautiful.  
Fire coming out of the Monkeys head was incredibly cool. I almost cried by the time the song finished the first time I listened to it. 
O Green World was very weird in a good way. I like how it makes me feel dizzy every time I hear it. I especially like the voices in the background. 
I could go on and on but Ill just bore you guys. 
Demon Days Rocks! 
Oh and about 2d,
Written by Hunt on 2005-05-07 19:00:13
A guest was talking (or writing) about how she doesnt like how 2ds personality changed. I was so dissapointed that I got really deppresed the first time I heard about it. After spending days trying to find out more about this (Yes, Im somwhat of an obsessed fan), I discovered that 2ds personality had NOT changed nearly as much as I thought it had. He just got his ego back, thats all. In the Demon Days promo booklet they refer to 2d as good natured. So I dont think he is an asshole.
Dear Mr. LOL
Written by Guest on 2005-05-09 13:54:25
You Are Comic Book Guy From The Simpsons. Do you think Radioactive Boy and Amazing Woman could ever get married?
Written by Guest on 2005-05-10 23:55:03
Demon Days made me believe in pop music again. *sniff* 
Britney Spears and Jlo have piss poor music, enough to make your ears bleed. Thats the kind of music with no soul.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-11 15:40:27
First time visiting the final word, it's unfortunate that my first impression is this review... 
As stated above, all you do is rag on the concept of Gorillaz and the songwriting ability of Damon Albarn (whom I happen to be a fan of). I hate Toby Kieth, but I don't go reviewing his albums... that would require listening to them. You don't even provide any evidence that you've actually LISTENED to the album aside from your archaic use of the word "better." 
I'm in America, and I thought Britain was supposed to be a haven for clear argumentative critical thinking, as opposed to our shoddy American posturing. It looks like this review is the exception.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-11 17:27:58
look in the comments and you'll see he has mentioned individual songs, duh.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-13 08:33:22
It's drearily predictable. Someone says they like/dislike something and does a good job of explaining why. A bunch of divs attack said Someone for not being the same as them. Repeat until Blah.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-13 17:01:32
how did he do a good job of explaining why he disliked this album? he barely mentioned the music.
It could be interpreted that...
Written by Guest on 2005-05-14 03:09:54
I'm a huge blur fan and to be honest when I heard about the whole Albarn/Gorillaz thing I was like "whatever". But after really taking my thoughts of Albarn in the equation I really started to really enjoy this album. 
I mean, c'mon...if you sat and really imagined this as an actual group of beat makers instead of who we know who it is...then it's really pretty damn exciting and danceable music. Great job Gorillaz! ;)
Written by Guest on 2005-05-14 10:43:32
The maturity in this comment thread is amazingly... minimal to say the least. Come on, even the main review author is acting like a child, although I'm not surprised from what I've read in this... "review" of his. A good review is supposed to discuss the music itself. Unfortunately, this review seems to be a tactless bash against the "Gorillaz is a cartoon band" concept with little discussion of the actual album itself, namely seperate example tracks. It's like a 14 year old who likes nothing but has decided to review something that clashes with his new found trendy tastes. I also think the people saying stuff like "YO BUTT" and "Fuck you lol" need to give it a rest. I love the Gorillaz project, but jesus "yo mama" jokes aren't going to make this guy keep his childishly uninforming mouth shut.
that'll work
Written by Guest on 2005-05-15 09:26:24
tell him to fuck off from his own website, that'll work! (you spastics)
Written by Guest on 2005-05-15 12:26:59
:? Err, I guess it's your opinion, but I can assure you there are a lot more out there. I, for one, absoltutely love the Gorillaz, so...bugger you! :p
Written by Guest on 2005-05-17 03:57:23
I originally hated the idea of a cartoon band and the concept of albarn directing the thing from behind the scenes. Im not a big fan of the first cd either, I only really like Clint Eastwood from it. However, after a few listens of the new cd, ive come to the conclusion that its one of the best cds ive heard so far this year -- i love it. The whole cd has a wierd flow to it, and i think the mixing/production job by danger mouse is fucking amazing and only reveals all its glory by listening to all the details closely. Feel good inc is my fav song so far this year. This cd is fucking awesome.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-17 17:12:59
(yawn). what a boring game Kick-The-Critic is.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-18 04:33:11
if your definition of shot down is being told to "fuck off", homophobic bullshit, and teenage mudslinging idiocy, you are a moron worthy of retrospective abortion.
Music at war !
Written by Guest on 2005-05-19 23:17:55
Stop insulting each others and acknowledge the simple fact that music is personnal. And that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There's no need to bash an album like Mark did, but they're no need either to piss on him like that. Mark : open your mind and try not to judge anyone or anything for a week. It could be a good cure for your disease. I suggest you to change your friends and country for a while too too. ;) 
such ignorance..
Written by Guest on 2005-05-20 10:57:23're definitely getting attention with this, not in a positive way. 
You say nothing about the actual music in your review, there's just some random rabbling about capitalizing and old ideas. You think yourself to be the final word? You'll have to be a lot more mature in order to achieve that. 
you sir, are a moron. 
Written by markreed on 2005-05-20 14:44:31
We didn't do it to get attention. And we don't slag everything off, just the stuff we think is rubbish.  
And I do mention the music, just not songs by individual name.  
Oh, and being called a "moron", judging from some of the comments above, is a compliment.
from "such igonorance"
Written by Guest on 2005-05-21 08:09:35
I agree, maybe I was to quick to judge. I am quite ashamed the way fanboys react in above comments, and I may have reacted to hastily.  
I just can't understand how you burn this down in such a bold fashion, I can definitely see some qualities in this album. Though, after reading trough you review again, I have to agree on some points you make. Maybe you're not a moron, I'm sorry for calling you that. But try not to tear down everything so easily, please. 
Please don't compare everyone who is against your review with some of these people above. If you do that, I will not call you a moron. I was just a bit furious when I wrote that.
Written by Guest on 2005-05-21 09:34:12
you may personally not like it but i appreciate music and the bands obvious talent i enjoyed the album but i agree it is nothing new. :)
Written by Guest on 2005-05-23 23:53:38
i'm really looking forward to this albarn... 
i meant ALBUM.. 
gorillaz have a new album!  
*turns to rest of pub*  
hey, mates, whaddaya know!! gorillaz have a new album!!
Written by Guest on 2005-05-25 19:23:51
word of advice
Written by Guest on 2005-05-30 22:40:41
i have listened to various songs from this album, countless number of times, and the one thing I really get from listening to this album is that its dripping with irony and i love it. In order to understand this almost scary cd you need to look at it from different my friend suck, and musically this cd is great... 
good day to you asshole 
dont quit your day job :)
Written by markreed on 2005-06-01 14:19:43
whow txt msg thrts @nd slang makes me c that u r much smarter than me i must be just a h8r.  
you sir, are the wanker.
majority rules.
Written by markreed on 2005-06-02 05:52:53
ever heard the phrase "eat shit, 500,000,000 flies can't be wrong. "?
Written by Guest on 2005-06-03 11:46:42
The gorillaz are sex in a record. Fuck this.
Written by Guest on 2005-06-04 06:01:43
fuck demon days!i used 2 like the gorillaz but now they have fallen in camel shit!
Written by Guest on 2005-06-13 16:22:38
erm, mr/mrs reveiwer, please eat shit. gorillaz are kinda original and good.
Written by Guest on 2005-06-15 20:15:51
youre just upset that youre not musicaly talented and couldnt sell a song to your own family for a dollar let alone throw a free concert cuz everyone will just come for the free food and leave
Written by Guest on 2005-06-17 17:54:44
at least the reviewer can spell.  
"he dnt use txtspk u dick"
Written by Hynzy on 2005-06-26 18:38:44
Have you heard the first album, Mr Reviewer? If not, then I condemn your review to be a load of sh*t. Demon days takes a more darker and relaxed route, as said in the 'interview' in the The Eye (from the Times), as Noodle took control of themusic writing and so forth. Just because you don't like not being able to see the faces of the artists doesn'tmean you should moan.
Written by markreed on 2005-07-09 23:01:20
Noodles not real. He is an artificial construct. Damon is real. Hence, sall this stuff about Noodle is bullshit.
Written by Hynzy on 2005-07-19 08:17:03
For one, Noodle is supposed to be a 10 year old Japanese monkey or whatever they are supposed to be. Maybe if you have all your facts right, we will apppreciate you. :p
Written by froogy317 on 2005-08-03 11:35:38
I have to say that Demon Days is one of the best albums I've ever heard, next to 'Ok Computer' by Radiohead. 
The "nonsense" of Demon Days is what drawls me to it. Its part of the beauty. Not to see any of that beauty or "soul" in the the album is a reflection of your flaws, not the Gorillaz.
Written by Hynzy on 2005-10-21 08:10:15
Note to author of review: Do you know how many albums Gorillaz have launched? Well, there's Gorillaz Explicit, G-Sides, and Demon Days. And a hell load of little combinations. Plus, the good thing about the album is being able to put yourself over people. I.e., when Dirty Harry is released as a single (if it is) and people go "WOW! This song is so amazing!" (if they do), and you can go, "Yeah, I heard that song ages ago, i.e. last year" Somehow that makes me feel better. Plus, the videos are amazing, check their site ( Once loaded, click the monkey in the bottom-left corner, and then find your way to the Box office. 
P.S. Dare was going to be called People, an altogether different track, but they changed their mind.
sounds like you forgot
Written by markreed on 2005-10-21 12:06:25
Laika Space Monkeys Remix or whatever it's called! SO em, one proper album, an album of remixes and b-sides, another album or remixes, er... yeah. making a little go a LONG way.

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