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The Final Word | Friday, 23 February 2018
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IRON MAIDEN - Death On The Road   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Tuesday, 13 September 2005

..with the artistic importance of roadkill...


One can’t help but ask the inevitable question, the one which always faces us in the dark hour. And that is – what is the point? Why are we here? How long have we got? 


It’s a question that someone at EMI – when they’re not bothering putting “Copy Corruption” technology onto everything they make – should stop and ask Iron Maiden. With “Death On The Road”, their latest live album (their tenth in twenty five years), even the hardened fan could stop, pause, and wonder what exactly the point is. Because “Death On The Road” is a pointless waste of the Earth’s resources, musically irrelvant, artistically redundant, and the kind of wallet-fleecing graverobbing that matches the seventh DVD release of “Evil Dead 2”.


Sure, it sounds great. The music is professionally mixed, and any mistakes on the night are overdubbed out of existence. But why? Iron Maiden are a sinking ship. They don’t make new fans, and their sales – like everybody’s – are shrinking.


Nobody needs yet another live Maiden album, nor less should anyone care. Musically it’s the same old turgid, adolescent crap about wars with scary-vocal-effects, taped gunfire, and triple guitar solos. Between song banter is mixed out to a handful of supposedly-intelligent but thick-as-pigshit proclamations such as “There is more above heaven and hell than we know.” What’s this Bruce? Are you a philosopher now? No, you’re a pretentious gonk whenever you’re handed a microphone, and that’s being polite about it.


More importantly,  who died and made you the conduit to God? How do you know? Did you die for two minutes like Nikki Sixx? And if you came back, why?


I don’t think the world needs it’s tenth live recording of “Iron Maiden”, thank you very much. It’s not even that good a song, and about a fifth as good as “Stranger In A Strange Land”. Bruce and Co wobble around surrounded by a pantomime monster and play irrelevant  and forgettable 10 minute epics called “Paschendale” before offering re-runs of some of their greatest hits which you should all own by now anyway.


Death On The Road” is  a pointless abhorration, musically and artistically redundant, and yes, boring. “Death On The Road” is superfluous rack-clogging roadkill bullshit. Avoid.


Written by gor on 2005-11-26 15:06:14
The quote Bruce used is Shakespeare... But I guess that shows how much you know about art. Iron Maiden own your pittyful existance. Crawl back to your troll hole now.
if you thought you knew anything about M
Written by Tom on 2005-11-27 08:16:51
you're wrong... 
As Gor has said earlier, the quote is by Shakespeare, from Hamlet. The quote is not useless, as you claim, however it adds to the atmosphere of a Maiden gig, which I am sure you have not witnessed. If you had, you would know that Maiden are not at a low in their existence, as you claimed, but at a high, winning new fans every day. Steve and the rest of the band say it all the time, the shows attract a younger audience then they used to. The younger kids stay at the front at the stage, the older people like to watch the shows from further away. Maiden were and still are the best metal band in the world. If you want, you can try and top them! 
If you dare...
you dont know what you are talking about
Written by davidgreen83 on 2005-11-27 11:50:40
i think you need to brush up on your shakespeare, and your music tastes, you are an idiot.
Written by markreed on 2005-11-27 18:54:21
boohoo. so you're still in school and can remember Shakespeare. I've seen mMaiden twice, and I thought they were hilarious and brilliant at the same time. Pantomime Metal. for example.

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