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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Written by Graham Reed  
Thursday, 14 September 2006

Dumb, Fun and Full of Guns!


Honestly, you havenít seen a movie this over the top since...welll...Over the Top.  Chev Chelios (who comes up with these names?), is a man with a mission. A hitman, actually, and his mission is to stay alive; caught up in a gang war, heís been injected with a slow acting toxin that will kill him by slowing his heart down. Thereís no antidote, and the only way to stay alive is to keep on going, keep that adrenaline pumping.  Heís a dead man walking  - and running, shooting people, blowing things up and so forth- the only question is, will they die first or him?


Cue a one man revenge mission across LA where bodies fall like leaves, bullet fly like candy, cars and buildings get exploderised, AS Chev has get the blood flowing and keep it flowing in a ridiculously over the top never ending stream of ludicrously frenetic, hyper kinetic adrenalised action sequences.  Plot? Subtext? Forget about it. Donít need it. Donít want it. Itíd only get in the way of the ceaseless barrage of action and excitement, eye popping visual edits and hyper stylised non-stop action.


Sorry, Did I say action? I meant to say Ďhyperviolenceí. Thereís blood and gore aplenty. Lots of. Cartoon Roadrunner-esque fantastical hyperviolence, with people invulnerable to bullets at close range, Hands chopped off with meat cleavers in bloody savage detail, blood everywhere, and mixed and matched filmstocks and techniques from all over the shop.  Its pure comic book, video game, over the top violence, played out with cheerful glee and reckless abandon. Either youíll laugh at it, or with it, or both -   but either way, youíre guaranteed the silliest action movie since Commando.


As action movies go, itís a corker. All style, no substance, ludicrously entertaining and cheerfully unprententious, Crank cranks it up. Just like scooter. Like a video game made flesh, Crank is a refreshing alternative to the slew of existential, soul searching action movies ; Crank is just bloody, good, unbelievable, entertainment.


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