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The Final Word | Thursday, 22 February 2018
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THE MISSION - "God Is A Bullet"   Print  E-mail 
Written by Mark Reed  
Thursday, 03 May 2007

A load of rubbish from a band that exist only out of habit instead of actually being any good. Wayne, put this band out of it’s misery.


At it’s best music makes life worth living. It elevates the soul, exposes the hidden beauty in the mundane and frees the soul. At it’s worst, it’s more boring than being trapped at work for the rest of your life.


God Is A Bullet”, The Mission’s 19th album is that very worst of things : it’s mediocre. It’s average. It’s the sound of journeyman, careerist rockers making music out of habit. No song on here sounds in any way vital, necessary. Nothing about it compels the listener to listen, instead of merely hear. It’s also the debut of yet another lineup, for the first time, a studio record from The Mission containing only one constant member of the band’s previous configurations : despite protestations from others, The Mission are just a vehicle for Wayne Hussey’s so-so songwriting abilities and his ever changing set of hired hands. Since the last record – 2001’s “Aura” – The Mission have changed guitarist twice, and bassist and drummer as well.


It sounds sort of like classic Mission, except classic Mission was only ‘classic’ because of the absence of the far superior Sisters Of Mercy. The Mission used to be popular because The Sisters didn’t tour and thus, The Mission reminded us of the band that used to be. The sins of The Mish of yore remain : the spidery, over-elaborate guitar parts were you cannot have one note where thirty-four will do, the nursery-rhyme level lyrics and pisspoor toilet wall poetry that is so inane it surely can never have been written down, and finally, the unexceptional, almost lacking vocals of a Hussey who seems to have jettisoned his one redeeming feature : at least in the old days he used to sound like he meant it, whereas these days it sounds like he has one eye on something just over his shoulder. “Still Deep Water” is, at best, aspiring to atmospheric. “Gdshrikera” an unsuccessful attempt to copy “Deliverance” with diminishing returns : akin to a sketch drawn from faded memory of what a good song could have been.


God Is A Bullet” is the type of record The Mission could’ve made sixteen years ago if they weren’t that bothered. Then, they were far too busy making records that were, at the least, quite good in places. Nowadays, with dated production, only the vaguest semblance of a band in place, and a collection of awful, meaningless songs, “God Is A Bullet” is a load of rubbish from a band that exist only out of habit instead of actually being any good. Don’t buy this – you’re only encouraging them. Wayne, put this band out of it’s misery.



Load of rubbish
Written by sichy on 2007-05-07 08:30:49
Mark Reed what do you know? I really am not a person that would go and register for such web to write an opinion.  
But your article is the most load of dribble I have red for years. Seems you did not listen to it at all. And comparing with SOM, can anybody be more out of reality?
Written by markreed on 2007-05-07 13:52:39
What do I know? I know The Mission well, I've seen them six times between 1991 and 2002, and bought all the albums and singles, and I know this is the worst thing they have done. It's really average. SInce I was there during their so called 'glory years' I know about how even their ardent fans at the time admitted clearly to me that they ollowed The Mish because there was no Sisters.  
I can comapre them to SOM.. well, unless Hussey wasn't in the Sisters Of Mercy.. in which case who plays on First And Last And Always" and "Some Girls Wander By Mistakes" and "Overbombing" and "Heart And Soul EP" and .....  
Of course I listened to it. We don't review material we have not heard.
Written by markreed on 2007-05-07 13:53:03
damn typos..
Written by prizos on 2007-05-22 18:45:44
Sichy has a point mark (and I can't believe i registered to post a reply either!). I have followed the mission since 85 (and the sisters before that). They continually release new material (not all good I agree), have a loyal (but ageing) following. I think you will find that most ex sisters fans went to see the mission because eldritch showed himself for what he really was (and continues to) - a business man that is more caught up in exploiting his fans and 25 year old material over and over again - ie: treats his fans like shit. If you saw the sisters at the astoria gig at the end of last year you will understand - what a joke - no one could stop laughing.
Written by markreed on 2007-05-23 02:51:07
You mean this show? 
It's all about the music, and The Sisters write good songs, The Mission, in their current form, don't.

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