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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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BANDITS   Print  E-mail 
Written by Graham Reed  
Monday, 05 July 2004
It's always a bad sign when Bruce Willis has long hair in a  movie, almost as bad as when he wears a white vest. And this is no exception.


In this, he and Billy Bob Thornton are a pair of "Bandits" who escape from prison, fall into their old habits of bankrobbing, and then when kidnap housewife in crisis Kate (Cate Blanchett) who threatens to ruin everything. She drives a wedge between them both, both personally and professionally, and threatens upend the whole lot.


This uncomfortable misogyny aside, "Bandits" thankfully eschews the recent MTV-pop stylistic cliches in favour of a more mature approach, which especially pays off in a twist 5 minutes from the end. A rather predictable twist, but twist nonetheless.


While certainly aimed at a more discerning and older audience than the bullet-spewing pyrotechnics of late, this is a sedate media-literate story that's well scripted and yet oddly disappointing. It's got a happy ending - of sorts - and a great performance from Billy Bob Thornton as the neurotic, hypochondriac counterpoint to the wisecracking Bruce Willis who seems, with the rest of the characters just seem to be slumming it in this interesting and moderately entertaining way of spending a couple of hours.


The DVD extra's aren't very exciting at all, being best described as "workable". You get a brief making off, some deleted scenes, and a commentary from bruce and Billy Bob and a couple of others. In this case the Region 2 is preferable for having the commentary, but over all,  it would have only really been worth it if the film had been better!



:Commentary by Actors Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Cate Blanchett, Troy Garity, Producer Paula Weinstein and Writer/Exec Producer Harley Peyton

- Inside Bandits featurette

- Script To Screen - Creating Scene 71 workshop

- Who's The Dad? Alternate Ending (with commentary by Cate Blanchett)

- Deleted Scenes

- Theatrical Trailer

- Soundtrack Ad





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