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The Final Word | Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Written by Mark Reed  
Monday, 05 July 2004
Ambitious. Unforgettable. For the wrong reasons


A.K.A John Travolta's  vanity sci-fi project. Based on an interminable novel by Scientologist guru and fruitcake L Ron Hubbard, "BATTLEFIELD EARTH" is an example of how human ambition can triumph over talent.  


Directed by someone who won an Oscar for Special Effects 24 years ago (to prove that this film has Oscar-Winning talent in all the wrong places), BATTLEFIELD EARTH is 112 minutes of illogical, disparate theory and cruddy acting. "I'm 9 feet tall with a laser pistol, what do you mean I've got a bald patch?"


Swoon as cavemen learn how to fly thousand year old jetplanes that miraculously still work! Yawn as characters you don't care about have a rancid green soup fight in caves! Blink as John Travolta grows three feet in height between shots... and then shrinks again... ! Once you have been exposed to BATTLEFIELD EARTH you will never forget it.


I can't believe I saw this at the cinema. With 2 mates. One walked out.One fell asleep. It's that bad. Honestly.  


The DVD has a gushingly enthusiastic commentary where the uber-apologetic director can't admit he did anything wrong and acts all lovey, a few bonus making of bits and pieces and a novel "watch how they did it by pressing a special button" feature. Despite some good and nice production design for the alien planet, the movies still excerable shite.


* It won awards at the Dallas Fim Festival for Worst Film, as well as awards at the Razzie convention for Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Screen Couple, Worst Screenplay, Worst Supporting Actor, and Worst Supporting Actress.



" This is me, acting. And what do you mean, no Oscar nominations?




Audio commentary with Roger Christian and Patrick Tatopoulos

"Evolution And Creation" featurette

"John Travolta's Alien Makeup Test" featurette

"Creative Visual Effects" featurette



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